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Everything you need to know about us

A child care, day care or The Alphabet Academy Early Learning Center what is the difference?

All centres offer care for children however not all child care or day care centres can call themselves early learning centres. The difference lay between the lines and how the mandated Early Years Learning Framework is interpreted.

At the Alphabet Academy Early Learning Centre we cater for children from ages 6 weeks to pre kindergarten in four specific age groups: 0-2, 2-3, 3-4 and 4-5/6 (Pre school year).

Our individualised learning program for each child in each group is the difference. These developmentally specific programs use our BUILD Learning Framework which uniquely caters for the learning needs of each child working towards a school readiness program in their pre kinder year.

The Early Years Learning Framework is founded on a play based approach. The Alphabet Academy Early Learning Centre promotes ‘play’ as an essential part of early childhood development, and is one of the many tools used by our qualified educators to engage children in their world and in their learning. However, what sets us apart from other centres is the balance between play-based learning, inquiry based and adult-led learning opportunities that underpin our specifically developed BUILD Learning Framework.

BUILD Framework, what is so special about it?

Designed by qualified teachers the BUILD Learning Framework scaffolds learning through a program of developmentally appropriate learning experiences that are designed to enhance a child’s opportunity to work towards and achieve the learning outcomes as described in the Early Years Learning Framework.

What are the staff like?

Our Team – Our qualified educators, inspired by high ideals and principles demonstrate a learning mindset in a changing world. This is achieved through old world values, care, cooperation and teamwork.

How involved are families?

Parents and families are encouraged to be involved in our program in a variety of ways. As working parents, it is often difficult to spend time with your child in the mornings, but there may be other times that you would like to share a special skill, such as storytelling, playing a musical instrument or cooking with the children. Your involvement in our program will help you to understand why we present particular activities.

Special days and events are arranged throughout the year that allows particular participation at the academy. These events can include evening or weekend times. Notification of these days will be given in advance so that necessary arrangements can be made.

If you would like to spend some time at the centre, please contact the Director to arrange a suitable time.

What are our Hours of Operation?

The Alphabet Academy is open from 7:30am to 5:30pm Monday to Friday.

For the convenience of parents, all of The Alphabet Academy services, operates 50 weeks per year excluding public holidays.


What are the Fees?

Windsor locations
0-2 years $109.00 per day
3-5 years $101.00 per day
$25.00 Uniform Pack

Fees are payable for the full 50 weeks per year.

On enrolment, parents are to pay $150 deposit ($50 Administration fee, $100 Bond) and two week’s full fees in advance. All fees at Alphabet Academy are paid using our EziDebit Payment System. Fees will be direct debited from your bank account or credit card. Credit Cards incur a 1.87% surcharge and a one off $2.20 account setup fee. All families are required to use this payment method. Payments are billed weekly or fortnightly (depending on your chosen payment cycle) keeping fees 2 weeks in advance. Fees are debited from your chosen bank account or credit card every Friday night. All fees must be kept 2 weeks in advance at all times.


What does my daily rate include?

Fees include morning tea, lunch and afternoon tea and late afternoon snack. All our meals are prepared from the Munch and Move recommendations with portions servings recommended for children.

Included also are extracurricular activities such as The Alphabet Cooking Academy, The Alphabet reading Eggs Academy, The Alphabet Language Academy, and The Alphabet Technological Academy and The Alphabet Small sports, munch and Move Academy.

Can I claim the Child Care Subsidy?

The Government provides Child Care Subsidy for eligible families.

You can claim using your Centrelink online account through myGov.

For help, use online guide to claim Child Care Subsidy.

Please contact the My Child Hotline 13 36 84 or www.mychild.gov.au for further details.

First day? Don’t know which questions to ask?

How do I prepare my child to settle into the Centre?

As child care professionals, we understand that parents find it difficult to leave their child. It is normal and expected for newly enrolled children (and parents) to become upset, as it is an adjustment period for them. Here are some pointers that may help the transition run smoothly.

Prior to commencement:
As child care professionals, we understand that parents find it difficult to leave their child. It is normal and expected for newly enrolled children (and parents) to become upset, as it is an adjustment period for them. Here are some pointers that may help the transition run smoothly.

Prior to commencement:
We recommend a repeat visit to the centre with your child for a short time 1-2 weeks prior to starting. This way, you will show your child where they will be, and this will build up their confidence and knowledge of what their first day will be like. Allow as much time as you feel necessary for your child.

Introducing your child to their teacher and spending time with them assists in familiarisation.

Upon Commencement:
Walk your child, or hand them over to their teacher in their room, then explain where you are going and that you will be back later to pick them up.

When leaving, try and make a relaxed and unhurried separation. If your child senses or sees your distress, they believe there must be something wrong, and become quite upset themselves.

We encourage all parents to call the centre during the day as we are more than happy to inform you of how your child’s day is going.

It is my child’s first day what do I bring?

Windsor services
Fruit – One piece of fruit per day of attendance

Sheets (cot sized) for sleep/rest time – labelled

Water bottle – labelled

Bottles already filled with formula or milk – labelled

Dummies if required – labelled

Spare clothes – just in case! – labelled

Please label all your child’s belongings, as it does get difficult to identify who owns what.

Narellan location
Water bottle – labelled

Bottles already filled with formula or breastmilk – labelled

Dummies if required – labelled

Spare clothes – just in case! – labelled

Please label all your child’s belongings, as it does get difficult to identify who owns what.

What happens if my child is Absent?

If your child is absent from the centre for any reason, please call and let us know that your child will be away preferably by 8.30 am. By giving us notice, we could offer the spot to another child needing a spot for that day.

Can I do a Make Up Day?

Make up days are only available for public holidays closures, not illness or family vacations. When your child enrols, it will be noted on the register the public holidays they will be offered make up days for. These days are usually given to children in the school holidays when other children are absent. A register is kept to ensure any entitlements.


What Meals are provided?

All meals are served in a relaxed environment. The main meals provided by the centre are: breakfast, morning tea, lunch, afternoon tea and a late afternoon tea snack at 5pm.

Each child is required to bring a piece of fruit for each day they attend to share with their friends. The fruit is to be placed in the fruit bowl each day. No other snacks are permitted.

No child will be forced to eat, nor will they have any food withheld for any reason. Children will be encouraged to try all foods, but individual tastes will be respected. If your child has special dietary needs, please speak to the centre Director on enrolment to discuss how we can cater to your child.

No food should be brought in children’s bags. This is an important note to remember as children with specific food allergies may access these foods.

Our academy is a nut free zone. No food besides fruit and yoghurt that comes in its own sealed packaging can come in to our centre. Children should not come into the centre eating food or snacks. A bin is provided near the entrance to assist you in maintaining this regulation. We appreciate your understanding the reason for this and that you will respect the no food request.

Arrivals and Departures

On bringing your child into the centre, or taking them home, the attendance must be marked and signed on the ipad in the foyer. The attendance must be completed daily as it is a requirement of the Federal Funding Body. The staff member responsible for your child’s group must be told that your child has arrived or is leaving.

If you wish someone other than the authorised adults to pick up your child, you must let us know and provide us with written permission, and the adult’s name. They will be subsequently asked to produce identification. Please be aware that if at any stage someone who is unauthorised to collect your child, arrives at the Centre wanting to do so, your child will not be released until written authorisation is given.

It is my child’s Birthday- what can I bring?

Birthdays are an important day in a child’s life and should be celebrated. With this in mind, we celebrate with your child by especially making a cake or iced biscuits (it is your child ‘s choice) for your child to share with their friends at afternoon tea.

Our academy is a “Nut Free” centre and therefore cannot allow food to come into the academy that could potentially make a child sick.

House Keeping

Rest Time

All children in the 0-3 age group are offered a rest during the middle of the day.
Children in the 3-5 years room are also offered a rest, however all individual needs are catered for and this may mean that a child or their parent may opt for no sleep. In this instance, yoga and relaxation will be offered followed by quiet time activities.

Please note that if a child does fall asleep during rest time, we are not permitted to wake your child.


All children are to supply their own bedding (sheets, light blanket etc.) while at the academy. All bedding is to be marked clearly with the child’s name and left in the child’s bag for teachers to make their beds at rest time.

Clothing and Belongings

All children are allocated a locker in which to place their belongings. Parents are encouraged to take home all of their child’s drawings and artwork from his/her locker on a daily basis.

We ask that children come to the centre dressed appropriately.

Depending on the weather, teachers will change your child to suit the conditions so please make sure you have a change of clothes – labelled – in case of extreme weather changes. During hot weather please provide clothing that is cool but prevents over exposure to the sun’s harmful rays. In accordance with our Sun Smart Policy, no singlets, strappy dresses etc are to be worn at any time. Clothing that covers the shoulders should be worn. A sloppy joe or sweater should also be provided, as some days can turn cool. In the winter months, a parka or jacket must be provided for outdoor play.

Enclosed shoes, joggers and sandals are the required footwear. No thongs or clogs (crocs) can be worn as they can cause children to slip/trip when running and climbing.

Children are also to come to the academy with a broad brim or legionnaire’s hat clearly labelled each and every day.

Children are encouraged to become independent and self-sufficient. One way of doing this is through daily routines e.g. Toileting, dressing, shoes and socks. It is nearly impossible for a child to go the toilet alone if he/she has overalls, buttons, braces or too-tight shorts to contend with. Children should be dressed in comfortable clothes that are easily removed.

All clothing must be labelled and no responsibility will be taken for unlabelled lost clothing. Any un-labelled clothing will be found in the centres lost property basket.


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